Hello, I am

Yo Yasuda

Yo is a musician in Okinawa, Japan

I do not focus on one thing

Bass Player / Live Streaming Engineer


Of course Not.


Yes I am.

Making New Things?

I hope so...

I love life? I hope so...

About Me

Yo Yasuda is an accomplished studio musician and tasteful live performer. In 1994, he was instrumental in forming the popular band Perfect World with former members of the popular Okinawan band, Island. In 1995 he performed with Japanese pop star Kohsetsu Minami and jazz trumpet player Terumasa Hino on NHK’s television program “Asia Live.” His musical resume also includes performances with the Ritz, Shigeaki Nishidomari, Acoustic M, Yutaka, Maria Howell, Dave Ralston, Carlos Saldana, Shakari, Namiko, jyugoo, Feel, Shiori, and Escape From Dimension. He has also performed with pop/jazz stars from mainland Japan including Mie (ex. Pink Lady) and Toshiki Kadomatsu.

My band "Chin Guruma" is like this

As an engineer of

Live Streaming

In the spring of 2020, I started my professional carrier of live streaming engineer.

Since then, I have worked over 50 times not only for amateur musicians but also for very famous professional musicians.

My band "Chin Guruma" is like this

Where am I?

I live in Okinawa

I live in Okinawa, Japan. You can enjoy beautiful ocean and historical music here. Besides, a lot of experimental musicians and nice clubs are here too. Before COVID-19, many musicians from European countries came to Okinawa and performed at the club “groove”.

No one asks me about

My Instruments

– A lot of Electric Basses

– Yamaha Tenori-On

– Roland Hand Sonic

– Korg Monotribe

– Apple MacBook Pro mid 2012


Let's talk about your project

Please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime.